Chart_icon Chart lets you do graphical representation of simple tabular data, in the form “label: value”. It can draw Horizontal/Vertical bar charts, line charts and pie charts.

_images/chart-img1.png _images/chart-img2.png _images/chart-img3.png _images/chart-img4.png

Using chart

Basic Usage

First you need to add data to create the graph

  • You can add data with add_icon button
  • ... or remove data wih remove_icon button

To change the graph title, just change the activity title

Next, you can change the type of the graph

  • Vertical Bars ver_icon
  • Horizontal Bars hor_icon
  • Lines line_icon
  • Pie pie_icon


You can change the colors or the horizontal and vertical labels in the configs toolbar set_icon

Full Screen Mode

To enter full screen mode press Alt+Return or click the FullScreen_icon Icon.


Ideas for future releases

  • Show a help tutorial when activity is started from scratch
  • Share, edit the data with your friends


Support for this activity is provided by the developer

  1. at
  2. or by sending an e-mail to