Hardware evolution

Hardware Evolution 2008 - 2012

Although the XO has continued to look pretty much the same on the outside, the electronics inside have been changing. For details of the differences, refer to:

To some extent, the changes were made to keep using high volume parts, and improve performance. The change from 1.5 to 1.75 involved a change of the processor from x86 to arm, and a reduction in power consumption of about 50%. With power management improvements, this permits the XO to last more than 3.5 hours.

XO-4 is available in two models, XO-4 and XO-4 Touch. XO-4 provides multi touch input on the display.

As you can see from the “boot time” comparison, lower power has not been at the expense of decreased performance.

Version Hard Disk Memory Boot Time
XO 1.0 1 GB 256 MB 76 s
XO 1.5 4 GB 1000 MB 54 s
XO-1.75 4 GB 512 MB 47 s
XO-4 4 or 8 GB 1 or 2 GB 38 s