I can read

I can read is an activity for introducing the basics of phonetic reading. It displays letters and images and associated sound files, such as ‘A as in apple’. It also puts the letters into a context that coalesces into words and phrases as more letters are added. Students can hear sounds and record their own voice either repeating the sound or reading aloud.


r como raton


‘r como raton’


the letter r used in context


choosing a letter to study


practice phrases


student recording


teachers can prepare lessons

(Also see AEIOU, I Know My ABCs, and Letter Match)


Infused_Toolbar_2.png Infused_Toolbar_3a.png


  • As of Version 1, only a basic Spanish lesson is included.
  • The tools for adding new lessons are not completed, so they must be generated by hand in a comma-separated-values (CSV) file (See lessons/es/nivel-1.csv for an example).

Lesson-format details

Lessons are in .csv files, one row per letter, using comma separators. letters in ()s are rendered using the color specified in the table. \ is used to force a line break. Sound files should be recorded as .ogg. Image files should use PNG format and the same name as the word, e.g., raton.png.

letter word color (#RRGGBB) color name unused sound file practice phrase
R (r)atón #F08020 naranja   r-como-raton.ogg Kika come ki i El ki i\pe a n kilo A e \a e dijo el homb(r)e\al b o El fan a ma\e a en la f en e El\fan a ma a o a Fidel \Ale oca el ilofono \Ña a como piña a la\mañana En(r)iq e q ie(r)e\el paq e e de q e o q e\ e ende en la e q ina \ ane a a c on ein e\ ela el a o acio \ o(r)a el niño po(r)q e\dejo la a e en el\bo l i o El apa e(r)o\ iene apa i a a le \(R)a l iajo a (R)oma con\(R)o a J lio Jaime