Letter Match

About Letter Match


Letter Match is an activity for introducing the Spanish vowels. It displays letters and images and associated sound files, such as ‘A as in ave’. There are two modes:

  1. see a letter, then click on the corresponding picture
  2. see a picture, then click on the corresponding letter

(Also see AEIOU, I Can Read, and I Know My ABCs)

Where to get Letter Match

The Letter Match activity is available for download from the Sugar Activity Library: Letter Match

The source code is available on Github.

Using Letter Match


letter game


picture game


Ccustomization panel


Activity toolbar
change the activity name; add notes to the Sugar Journal
Custom toolbar
used to add new pictures and sounds
Letter mode
see a letter and choose a picture
Picture mode
see a picture and choose a letter
Stop button
exit the activity
Load picture
Load a new picture from the Sugar Journal
Load sound
Load a new sound from the Sugar Journal
Letter entry
Enter the letter of the alphabet associated with these pictures and sounds
Add button
Add the picture and image to the database

Learning with Letter Match

While far from contructionist, this activity does provide a mechanism for learning the alphabet.

Modifying Letter Match

As of Version 3, only a Spanish version is included. In order to add other languages, we need:

  • audio recordings of the letter names
  • audio recordings of the picture names
  • perhaps additional pictures, in order ensure there is a picture for each letter of the alphabet

There is a language-specific database file maintained in ./lessons/??/alphabet.csv where ?? is the 2-digit language code. The format of the CSV file is:

letter word color (#RRGGBB) image file sound file (image) sound file (letter)
R (r)atón #F08020 raton.png raton.ogg r.ogg

Extending Letter Match

Using the customization toolbar, it is possible for the learner to add their own pictures and sound recordings.

Where to report problems

You are welcome to leave comments/suggestions on lettermatch/issues.


Letter Match was written and is maintained by Walter. He was inspired in part by the work of Maria Perez, Fundación Zamora Terán. Aneesh Dogra added the customization toolbar.