I Know My ABCs

About I Know My ABCs


I Know My ABCs is an activity for introducing the Spanish alphabet. It displays letters and images and associated sound files, such as ‘A as in ave’. There are four modes:

  1. click on the letter to hear its name
  2. click on the picture to hear the name of the first letter in the word represented by the picture
  3. hear a letter name, then click on the corresponding letter
  4. hear a letter name, then click on the corresponding picture

(Also see AEIOU, I Can Read, and Letter Match)

Where to get I Know My ABCs

TheI Know My ABCs activity is available for download from the Sugar Activity Library: I Know My ABCs

The source code is available on Github.

Using I Know My ABCs


letter game


picture game


Activity toolbar
change the activity name; add notes to the Sugar Journal
Letter mode
listen to letter names
Picture mode
listen to letter names associated with pictures
Find the letter 1
hear a letter spoken and then find it
Find the letter 2
hear a word spoken and then find the first letter
Stop button
exit the activity

Learning with I Know My ABCs

While far from contructionist, this activity does provide a mechanism for learning the alphabet.

Modifying I Know My ABCs

As of Version 1, only a Spanish version is included. In order to add other languages, we need:

  • audio recordings of the letter names
  • audio recordings of the picture names
  • perhaps additional pictures, in order ensure there is a picture for each letter of the alphabet

There is a language-specific database file maintained in ./lessons/??/alphabet.csv where ?? is the 2-digit language code. The format of the CSV file is:

letter word color (#RRGGBB) image file sound file (image) sound file (letter)
R (r)atón #F08020 raton.png raton.ogg r.ogg

Extending I Know My ABCs

It would, of course, be fun to let the learner add their own pictures and sound recordings.

Where to report problems

You are welcome to leave comments/suggestions on iknowmyabcs/issues.


I Know My ABCs was written and is maintained by Walter. He was inspired in part by the work of Maria Perez, Fundación Zamora Terán